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You do not have to be alone during this challenging time. When filing for a divorce you want personal attention and at The Gowens Law Firm, LLC your case is our priority. Our experienced legal team understands the complex issues that divorce brings, and will fight for the best outcomes for our clients and their children.

Family Law: Welcome


No one enters a marriage contemplating a divorce. We all say “I do” vowing to stay together forever.  Sometimes, after all efforts to salvage the marriage are exhausted, divorce is unavoidable.  When it is time to undo the “I do”, the process can be complicated and painful.  The emotions that accompany all divorces make it difficult for anyone to navigate these waters alone.    
At The Gowens Law Firm, we will guide you through this difficult time and assist you through these difficult transitions, to obtain the best result for you and your children.

Family Law: Welcome


Child Custody is more complex than with whom your children reside.  Your Parenting Plan will become an order of the court.  Further, it will guide you and your co-parent in visitation and decision making.  When developing your Parenting Plan, your children’s best interests are most important.  Often, putting your children first requires both parents to compromise.  Take the time to understand what you'll be asking for in terms of custody and what requirements will be placed on you during the process. 
Sometimes the existing Parenting Plan no longer serves your children’s best interests and needs to be modified.    
At The Gowens Law Firm, we understand the nuances of the law and will guide you through the process to develop a plan that is best for your children.

Family Law: Welcome


Child support is paid by one parent to the other for the benefit of the children.  Child support belongs to the children and is not waivable.  In Georgia, child support is determined by the child support guidelines.  The guidelines follow a computer model, which computes child support based upon both parents’ gross income.  In essence, it’s data in and data out.  If inaccurate data is entered and/or important data is omitted, then the child support calculation will be either too high or too low.  Factors used to determine the correct amount of child support include health insurance and child-care.  Determining the proper amount of child support can be complicated if one parent is self-employed, works off of commissions, or receives substantial performance bonuses.
Like child custody, changes in the financial circumstances of either parent and/or the needs of the children may require either an upward or downward modification of child support.
At The Gowens Law Firm, we understand the nuance of the law and will guide you through the process to ensure your children receive the correct amount of child support.

Family Law: Welcome
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